Strengthening Transparency, Accountability and Responsiveness (STAR-Ghana) has a vision to see an active and engaged civil society capable of articulating citizens’ demands and an effective state that is responsive and accountable to its citizens. STAR-Ghana’s goal is to develop a vibrant, well-informed and assertive civil society able to contribute to transformational national development and inclusive access to high quality, accountable public services for all Ghanaian citizens. The £22m programme is funded by UK Aid, DANIDA and the EU.

The second phase of STAR-Ghana is managed by a consortium led by Christian Aid with Mango, Social Development Direct, Overseas Development Institute, Nkum Associates and On Our Radar. The consortium brings together a range and depth of expertise combined with a shared vision to establish STAR-Ghana as a Ghanaian owned and led entity mobilising active citizens and civil society around accountability.

The current phase of STAR-Ghana builds on previous programmes including the first phase of the STAR-Ghana programme (2010-2015); the Ghana Research and Advocacy Programme (G-rap) (2005-2011); KASA (2008-2010); the Rights and Voice Initiative (RAVI) (2004-2010); and the Civil Society Governance Fund (CSGF) (2004-2010).

The key shift from its predecessor programme is the new strategic focus on facilitating and supporting processes and interventions which aim at systemic changes in socio-economic and political institutions/structures in Ghana. STAR-Ghana will therefore to act as convener, catalyst and coordinator of civil society action towards systemic and transformational change. Read more

Message from the Chair of the Steering Committee - Akilagpa Sawyerr

On behalf of the Steering Committee of STAR-Ghana, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the second phase of the STAR-Ghana programme.

The first phase of the programme achieved a number of significant results, while also providing key learning on how a programme such as STAR-Ghana could support... Read more